Rene van Rooyen is a director, screenwriter and co-owner of the motion picture company RED LETTER DAY PICTURES. She graduated with destinction, in BA Media, majors in directing and screenwriting from. AFDA. Her short film "Nantes" was screened at dozens of festivals including, NIFF (Naoussa International ff), DIFF (Durban International ff), SHNIT and won the South African Silwerskerm festival for best picture and director. Her short "Pathology" was selected by South Africa's NFVF female filmmaker programme and premiered at DIFF. Her feature "Toorbos" funded by Multichoice Africa and the National Video and Film foundation will be releaed May, 2020. Through Red Letter Day Pictures, she has co-written and -produced two feature films. "Vaselintjie" which received numerous accolades including the "best picture" award at the kykNET Silwerskerm festival and "best humanitarian film" at Sedona International Film festival. 


Corne is a director, screenwriter and co-owner of the motion picture company RED LETTER DAY PICTURES. He holds  a Ba. Hons Media degree in Directing and Screenwriting from AFDA film academy. Through RED LETTER DAY PICTURES, Corne released his first feature film as director; "Hollywood in my Huis"  (2014), which won "best picture" at kykNET Silwerskerm filmfees. In 2016 he directed "Sy Klink Soos Lente" (2016) and "Susters" (2017) which had cinema wide release in South Africa. He is director, producer and writer of "Vaselinetjie" which won best picture at Silwerskerm filmfees and "Best Humanitarian film" at Sedona International Film festival. He is a Durban Talents alumna and has directed over 60 hours of content for h SABC, BBC, National Geographic, kykNET and Mnet as well several award winning short films and commercials, which saw him travel across the globe. He is currently in post production for the 13 part drama series "Alles Malan" for South African broadcaster kykNET.